Drains are a commonly overlooked component of your home’s sewer system, and fixing them can be a daunting investment. Here at AK Pipe Lining, our cost-effective and efficient draining solution, hydro jetting, will restore your drains back to working order.

What is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro jetting is quick, environmentally safe and is a long-term solution for clogged drains and blocked pipes. Traditional drain cleaners and tools such as augers, mechanical rods, and plumbing snakes are not very efficient and are only temporary solutions to drainage problems. Particularly bad instances of blockage will persist no matter what harmful chemicals are poured down the drain, requiring a more powerful method like hydro jetting to truly take care of the problem.

Hydro jetting provides a faster way to clean the drains without needing to excavate land to access the drains.
Our technicians are trained to select the appropriate pressure and nozzle for the job depending on the pipe’s material and condition. Hydro jetting relies on a powerful stream of water to remove the blockage, but the process is safe enough that it won’t damage the inside of the pipes. This creates a quick and efficient method to cleaning the drains and ensuring that the blockage is fully removed. The sewer line will be fully functional with optimal water flow and maximum capacity. Our goal is to make sure that the final result is clean, fresh pipes that are working as good as new.

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We offer a variety of hydro-jetting based services for each and every situation we encounter. Hydro jetting provides many benefits for your sewage line as well, from system flushing, penetrating grease, and pulverizing tree roots, we have the solution for all of these problems at an affordable price. If you need to flush your sewer system of a foul smell or blockage, contact AK Pipe Lining for your hydro jetting needs, and we will be happy to assist you.