So the worst has finally happened; you’ve got a failure somewhere along your sewer lateral line. This pipe, which runs from your home to the sewer mainline under the street or out to your septic tank. A break in your sewer pipe is a critical issue and one that cannot be ignored.

A break in your wastewater system means the bacteria, chemicals, and general detritus it carries away from your home are not leaving your property effectively. These contaminants can cause illness in members of family, pets, or do untold damage to your homes foundation slab. The degradation of pipes is inevitable; nothing will last forever buried in the ground thank the moisture, temperature changes, and movement that come with that environment. That said, just because a pipe is broken or degraded, doesn’t mean you’re doomed to digging a large trench in your yard.

Trenchless pipe lining offers a solution to these sorts of pipe headaches without the added pain and cost of having to dig up the whole yard. Essentially, this process works by the insertion of an epoxy-based lining within the walls or void left by your existing pipe. This epoxy coats the pipe completely and hardens to seal any gaps or leaks, leaving you with a new pipe. It may require to minimal digging at either end of the pipe, but nothing on the scale of that of traditional methods of excavations and replacement. Furthermore, this process can only be completed after your existing pipes are thoroughly cleaned and inspected via a sewer video camera. This guarantees transparency in the process, making sure you are getting the right solution for your problem.

Essentially, if your pipes can allow it, and your municipality doesn;t regulate against it, trenchless pipe repair can be the solution for you.