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What do you do when the drain pipes in your home become clogged? Imagine waking up to an emergency drain issue – your sink is overflowing, there is backed-up sewage in your toilet, your basement is waterlogged. All of these are drain clogging issues that can be faced by any homeowner that fails to clean their drain pipes regularly.

Grease, debris, food particles, sludge, hair, tree roots, and foreign objects can accumulate in your drain pipes over a long period. Eventually, they will begin to slow down the flow of wastewater of sewage. Sooner or later, your drain pipes become totally blocked.

Wastewater or sewage are unable to flow through. Before you know it, you have emergency drain issues. However, you could have prevented these if you called on an expert plumber to clean the drain pipes and sewer line in your Allegheny County, Pennsylvania home.

Our Drain Cleaning Process

AK Pipe Lining is your dependable plumbing and drain cleaning company. We are always ready to offer you a thorough diagnosis of the issue with your drain pipes. We then clean your drain pipes, thoroughly removing the grease, debris, food particles, sludge, hair, tree roots, and foreign objects obstructing the flow of wastewater or sewage.

At AK Pipe Lining, we are known to provide professional clogged drain cleaning and plumbing services. After several years of serving the Allegheny County, Pennsylvania area, we are now very familiar with the drain pipes in the area. We have also become familiar with the underground sewer lines and plumbing systems in homes and offices in the community. Through this, we are able to get the job done expertly.

Why Do You Have to Clean Your Drains Regularly?

Emergency drain issues often make life unbearable to everyone living in your home or office. Some of the reasons why you need to make it a point to clean your drain pipes regularly include:

  1. Prevent wastewater or sewage spill.

  2. Removal of sludge, grease, fats, and debris.

  3. Pulverization of tree roots.

  4. Improved durability of your drain pipes.

  5. Improve the flow capacity of your drain pipes. Wastewater and sewage will flow faster.

  6. Prevent your drain pipes from getting damaged.

Do You Need Expert Drain Cleaning Services?

Clogged drain pipes can make your home inconvenient. Water will overflow, resulting into a flooded plumbing system. Do not panic. AK Pipe Lining is here to offer the help you need. We provide full drain cleaning, sewer cleaning, sewer lining, and general plumbing repair services.

We will perform a thorough cleaning on your drain pipes, main sewer lines, bathroom sinks, kitchen sinks, as well as any other pipe that needs to be unclogged. Everything will be done quickly and efficiently.

At AK Pipe Lining, we have the required expertise, resources, and technological equipment needed to provide you first class drain cleaning services. Our drain cleaning services are less-invasive. We make use of state-of-the-art equipment and innovative techniques ranging from sewer camera inspection to high pressure hydro jetting, rooting, drain line snaking, and so forth for the removal of dogged clogs.

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