Sewer Camera Inspection
Allegheny County, PA

Pipelines are an absolutely essential part of all residential or commercial properties. For this reason, maintaining your pipes is just as important as maintaining any other part of your home.

Sewer camera inspection services in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania by AK Pipe Lining ensure that your pipes are in great shape and will last without sudden disruptions. This is done because the damage to your pipes could be hidden underground and well out of sight.

Our high-precision pipe inspection tools can uncover the cause of the following issues:

Build Ups and Clogs

The stuff you flush down the drain sticks to the insides of the pipes and accumulates. They eventually decrease the diameter of your pipes and impede natural flow. Blockage happens when water cannot pass through. Your kitchen drain gets its fair share of grease, cooking oil and food wastes, among others. Your bathroom drain won't fare any better because it's constantly fed with hair, soap scum, etc. You'll notice that it's taking much longer than usual for the drains to work. The toilet backs up and the drain throws wastewater right out.

Pipe Leaks

The connection between pipes are perhaps their weakest points. This is where most leaks happen- in weakened and corroded joints and pipe sections. Leaks may also develop when nearby trees send out their roots for nourishment. You'll start to see sinkholes or wet patches where the pipe is most vulnerable. The connecting pipes that supply water to your appliance may also develop broken seals or become loose.

Development of Cracks

Old pipe material can easily deteriorate and develop cracks. Temperature changes that come with the season can force your pipes to expand or contract, which weakens the structure. Worse yet, that crack can sometimes lead to a complete collapse.

Sunken or Bellied Pipes

Low pipe areas become a huge concern when debris collects and causes back-ups and blockages. This type of issue is commonly associated with geo events such as earthquakes, settlement, soil erosion, or by human error (like poor installation or soil compaction).

State of the Art Inspection Technology

Without visual evidence it's difficult to properly diagnose a sewer line issue. Our company has invested in the latest sewer camera inspection equipment to guarantee 100% accuracy.

A CCTV camera and a flexible line is sent to the interior of the pipe in order to locate the problem. Our capable technicians can navigate through the bends and curves in any point in your sewer system. Any early warning signs are seen before they could develop into a huge disruptive mess.

Healthy Pipes

Once the sewer camera inspection is complete, our technicians formulate a solution to your sewer line problem. We use trenchless technology, a no-dig solution that will resolve the concern within just a few hours. There's also the process of hydro jetting, which clears out pipes in the most earth-friendly way.

AK Pipe Lining is your go-to plumber in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania if you need the best sewer camera inspection possible. We will get to the root of your concern in just a few moments. Call us to learn how trenchless techniques can fix your pipes without digging!

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