Sewer Camera Inspection Washington County, PA

The first step in fixing any problem is identifying the source, and there is no better way to accomplish that task inside your pipes than a sewer camera inspection. With trenchless pipe repairs and other no-dig solutions gaining in popularity, it makes even more sense as find out if you are going to have to excavate.

Sewer Camera Inspection Equipment

Sewer camera inspection is just that, the insertion of a high-res device that is connected to a flexible tube and a swiveling mount for 360-degree views. This camera transmits what it sees to a device above ground. The size of the camera lens varies between 14mm and 38mm, with the plumbers deciding which size will be best for a job. This camera is self-leveling, which means it projects upright images regardless of its orientation within the pipes.

Sewer Camera Inspection Benefits

Sewer camera inspection offers one main benefit; the ability to spot the exact problem with your pipe or pipes. As sewer laterals are buried under your yard, driveway, and often connect directly into the slab your property rests on, the only other way to determine what is wrong is by excavation. This expensive, costly, and dirty process that requires permits issued by the authorities before you can begin. If you’ve got a sewer leak, the processing time on those permits and the time-consuming process of digging a large trench means you can be out of your home for weeks.

A camera inspection is an easy way to see whether any of that headache is even necessary. Let us take the guesswork out of your pipe problems, schedule an inspection with one of our trusted technicians today.

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