Trenchless Sewer Repair
Allegheny County, PA

There are many indications of a sewer system gone wrong – water stains, backed up plumbing, leaks and visible cracks. All of them spell trouble.

Most plumbing problems need extensive work to fix them, which could even mean replacing the entire system depending on the damage to the pipes. However, there is relief for the people facing a sewage line disaster.

A modern-day solution to the age-old problem of sewage pipes creating havoc is trenchless sewer repair, also known as Cure-In-Place Pipe. This is a system where underground or concealed vertical pipes are unblocked or repaired without breaking down walls or digging up of floors.

Skilled technicians undertake trenchless sewer repairs. They first locate and identify the problem with the help of CC cameras. A flexible tube or “tractor” is attached to a hi-resolution camera and snaked through the sewage lines to locate the problem. The camera transmits its findings wirelessly to an aboveground device which being monitored by a technician.

Once the camera identifies the problem, the technician above ground finds its exact location above ground with the help of signals transmitted by the camera and a vertical hole is dug to access it.

If the problem identified is blockage, there are two solutions to it: hydro-jetting and rooting. When organic household waste causes the problem, high-pressure water is blasted through the affected pipe to dislocate the waste ball, making it disintegrate and flow off.

However, sewage line blockage could also be due to tree roots finding a home within the sewage line. Here, the technician uses a rooter machine to cut away the root ball. This cutting of roots does not damage the tree.

However, sometimes a sewage pipe fails and develops cracks, holes or gaps between joints, or maybe even break into pieces.

Here again, trenchless sewer repair is the best option. It uses high quality epoxy to plug leaks and fill gaps between joints. The epoxy is “pulled in place” to break rotten pipes and fill in the gap left to create an all-new pipe. Once the epoxy has dried, it turns into a substance harder than concrete, which has a life of 10 – 50 years.

Trenchless Pipe Repair, or CIPP is a good idea for sewage system cleaning, maintenance and repair for many reasons.

First, it is a non-disruptive system that has minimal impact on your home and routine.

Next, if the problem is of blockage, you can continue using your kitchen and bathrooms as normal while the problem is being fixed. However, if the sewage systems problem requires repair or replacement of a pipe, you may be unable to use water in your house for a few hours.

Last, this is a cheap way to fix malfunctioning plumbing because the time and manpower required is little.

If you are in the Allegheny region, call us at Line Your Pipes for any sewage system requirement, and we promise to do a satisfactory job.

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