Trenchless Sewer Repair
Beaver County, PA

Fall is beginning to creep in for Beaver County Pennsylvania residents, and that means the weather is starting to cool and the leaves will soon change. Residents are bringing out their cozy sweaters and the summer heat is soon forgotten.

Unfortunately for us, however, our pipes don’t as easily forget. They remember every temperature change; from the freezing weather of winter to the overflowing rains of spring and the high humidity of summer. Even this fall, when the temperature is mild, they’ll collect fallen leaves, broken sticks and discarded candy wrappers from Halloween.

Sure, they’re built to withstand the little stuff- but not for forty years. While the historic colloquial homes of Pennsylvania are beautiful to look at, the ancient plumbing is not quite as nice. Some towns, like Antrim Township Pennsylvania are just now uprooting their plumbing systems, and spending $1.5 million in the process. Or take Cheltenham Village, which faced a sewer system project in 2016 that cost upwards of $80 million.

The good news? You don’t have to wait to have $1.5 million, and especially not $80 million in the bank if you are in need of sewer repairs. If you have noticed any symptoms such as recurring clogs, foul odors, back ups, a high water bill, leaks or pools of water, there is a cost-effective and efficient new system for you.

In the past, crews would have to come to your home, dig up your property, and spend days installing new piping. The end result was a new pipe and a huge mess, not to mention a painful bill.

Those days are over. At AK Pipe Lining we use trenchless sewer repair technology to repair your pipes without destroying your property. Our first step is to inspect the pipe with a sewer video camera. We place a high-tech camera into the pipe through an opening and investigate the area with a monitor. This process will allow us to correctly diagnose the problem with 100 percent certainty and decide the correct course of action.

After the inspection we use a hydro jetter to clean the inside of the pipe with high water pressure. For some pipes, this step may be all you need. If your pipe has a small grease buildup or blockage a hydro jetter is a successful and cost-efficient method to solving the clog. If your pipe is cracked, corroding, and old with age however, we will move onto the next step.

Once the pipe has been cleared, we insert a tube containing epoxy resins into the pipe. Once the resin dries it acts as a second layer inside the pipe, becoming a brand new pipe within your existing pipe. No matter if your existing pipe is missing a chunk or completely corroded, this second layer will protect it for forty more years.

This whole process takes only a few hours, rather than a few days or weeks. The end result? Less mess, less time and significantly less money.

If you are experiencing any plumbing problems, or worry your pipes are beginning to age, call AK Pipe Liners for an expert consultation.

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