Trenchless Sewer Repair Butler, PA

Sewer repairs can be a nightmare for homeowners. The idea of having big machines digging into the lawn and tearing apart the driveway just so the pipes are uncovered can make anyone cringe. And all that prep work is just that: prep work. You still have to live through the actual repairs! Fortunately, innovative plumbing technologies now make this digging obsolete. Forget about destroying your landscape—trenchless sewer repairs are the way to go.

Best Way to Repair a Damaged Sewer Pipe

Trenchless sewer repair requires special tools and proper training, and not every plumbing company can handle it. That is why at AK Pipe Lining we have invested time and money to prepare our staff so they can offer you the best trenchless sewer repair in Butler, Pennsylvania. You can be assured that our plumbers can repair your sewer lines with minimal digging and in a short amount of time.

How it Works

The process is pretty straightforward: the first thing we will do is have the pipes inspected using a small video camera that is inserted into the drains. As it travels inside the pipes it sends a live video feed to a monitor, where the operator can see if there are any cracks, broken pieces, clogs, loose joints, or any other issues that need to be taken care of.

This tool is essential to be able to assess the pipes, and it allows us to decide if they can be repaired or if they are too damaged and a replacement is needed.

If the inspection tells us that a repair can be done, we then need to clean the pipes. Using special nozzles, we use a high-pressured stream of water to remove any debris and build-ups. This water spray is powerful enough to get rid of tree roots and any other obstruction it finds, which are flushed away into the sewer.

Once the pipes are clean, we can move onto the repair. Instead of digging out the pipes, we insert a felt tube into them. It is saturated with epoxy and pushed or pulled into the sewer line until it reaches the exact spot that needs to be repaired. Then the tube is inflated to make the resin coat all of the pipe’s interior and left there until it solidifies. This should take just a few hours, and once the tube is removed, it leaves behind a liner that is corrosion resistant and acts as a new piece of pipe.

This liner is a long-term solution, since it can last for several decades and it completely seals any leaks and replaces missing pipe pieces. This repair method requires less time and workforce to finish the job, which can save you money when compared to the dig-and-repair approach. Once the fix is completed, a final sewer camera inspection will be done to make sure the problem has been solved according to our standards.

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