Trenchless Sewer Repair Pittsburgh

Traditional plumbing is being washed to the wayside with a new trenchless sewer repair method. And thanks to AK Pipe Lining, Pittsburgh, Pa. residents and business owners can experience this cost-effective, time saving, no-dig alternative to sewer pipe repairs.

Trenchless sewer repair is a method of cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) lining. This means that pipes are accessed through already existing entrance points in your sewer system. After evaluations of the pipes, they are thoroughly cleaned.

Finally comes the CIPP lining treatment. An epoxy coating is injected into the pipes, forming a brand new pipe within the already existing pipe. This coating is so durable that it not only fills cracks and keeps out tree root growths, but it also acts as a brand new pipe. This entire process gives the feel of a complete sewer line replacement.

How Do You Save Time and Money With This Process?

Less Time

Time is an asset that you can never get back. When it comes to time, it’s precious and you shouldn’t have to waste it with tasks such as plumbing fixes and maintenance. CIPP is an asset to saving time. Our professionals at AK Pipe Lining care about sparing any inconveniences for you. We do our best to get the job done quickly, but also correctly. Trenchless sewer repair does just that. Examination, cleaning and lining - that’s it.

There is no need for days of digging, hours of examining and more days of pipe replacements. With the epoxy lining, the entire process can be done in the matter of one day’s worth of work. Plus, cleanup is a breeze. No refilling of trenches, piling and packing dirt into places that it once naturally was. No more hauling out large pieces of equipment. Long gone are the days of waiting for your landscaping to look normal again by regrowing grass, plants and flowers. With this minimally invasive procedure, it leaves our property in the same condition as it was and your pipes in a better-than-new status. The best of both worlds!

Less Money

Traditional plumbing has many disadvantages that lead to a costly process when it comes to sewer repairs. First, you have to pay for the use of the equipment. When digging trenches, this requires heavy machinery and big-time construction zones can be the outcome.

Second, you’re paying for the workers. Each day that they work is another day on the job and more expenses. Finally, the revamping of your property after the excavation process. You have to worry about regrowing grass, replanting plants and restoring your property to its natural state prior to this incident.

Repair Your Sewer Lines Without Digging

At AK Pipe Lining, we know that every customer is looking for the most economical solution to their problems. And, at the same time, they want the problem to be fixed correctly while also being affordable. Our professionals are able to save time and money with the CIPP process.

Not only does it save money now, but also in the long run. The epoxy is durable enough to last and act as a brand new pipe, leaving your system in pristine condition after treatment.

Don’t keep digging for your plumbing needs. AK Pipe Lining is ready to assist the residents and owners of the Pittsburgh, Pa. area and bring trenchless sewer repairs to you. Give trenchless sewer repair a try today and save on your sewer and plumbing maintenance needs.

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