Trenchless Sewer Repair
Westmoreland County, PA

You may be surprised to find out one day that your basement has flooded. Sewer line issues can inevitably eventually happen. Sewer lines crack and deteriorate due to age, or get clogged with buildups and roots from nearby trees.

AK Pipe Lining is your go-to plumbing company when you need quick, reliable, and affordable services. You can expect the best trenchless sewer repair Westmoreland County can count on! A knowledgeable technician will pick up the phone and actually give an answer to your pressing needs.

Speedy, Simple and Efficient Sewer Repairs

Technology makes work easier, and this holds the same for plumbing repairs. Pipe lining is simply the better solution as compared to traditional repairs. We send out fewer technicians and smaller, less disruptive equipment to complete the job.

We send highly trained technicians to diagnose, fix and walk you through the whole trenchless sewer repair process from start to finish. Your sewer will be back on operation in just a few hours. The HD camera equipment used will show you exactly what's going on inside your pipes. Trenchless technology is laser-like in precision, which eliminates the need for extensive digging and destruction of your residential or commercial property.

Trenchless sewer repair involves creating a pipe within the old pipe. A flexible felt liner is coated with special epoxy resin, then slid into the problem pipe. You can avoid the digging altogether as we have the option to access your sewer lines via any nearby cleanout or manhole. A specialized machine inflates the liner, and the liner then assumes the shape of the pipe's insides. Water column or pressurized air is introduced to cure the liner in place. In about 3 or 4 hours, you will have a like-new pipe that's better than the old material!

CIPP does two things for you- your pipes get fixed and the flow of water is improved. Moreover, you'll experience less sewer problems down the line because of its seamless, jointless nature. Soil movement, corrosion, tree root invasion and calcification will become a thing of the past.

Avoid Expensive and Unnecessary Expenses

You deserve plumbing technicians who will take each step in the repair process seriously. Your technician should walk you through your sewer line issue and outline the process before carrying out the work. You should be presented with a written estimate of the repair process and the costs of getting it done.

The technicians at AK Pipe Lining are all highly skilled, knowledgeable people that are trained with the latest and the most innovative plumbing services available. We can assure you that no matter how big or small the plumbing problem is, we will be there. Our mission is to provide exceptional trenchless services that will save you time and money. In some instances, a good hydro jetting service was all it took to clear out sewer lines of tree roots and calcified buildups!

Our technicians are just right for the job with work backed up by industry-leading warranties!

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