Drain Cleaning

Regular Drain Maintenance isn’t something most homeowners think of. They wait for the drain to clog or an emergency to strike before calling a plumber.

But drain emergencies always happen at the wrong time. Before a big party or when you have a crazy work schedule. All work comes to a standstill. You can’t possibly have guests over when your drains are clogged. And when your work schedule is busy, you just can’t take out the time to call and book a drain cleaning session. But you still need a plumber, right now!

Most plumbing companies offer emergency drain cleaning services. These might be more expensive and often you find out that the problem cannot be solved in just a few hours. Your drain pipes have corroded with the numerous drain cleaners that you have been using before. A simple drain cleaning isn’t the solution now. Before you know it, you are paying for sewer pipe replacement.

It doesn’t have to be that way. That is when you opt for regular drain maintenance. You can schedule drain maintenance every six to eight months. Our plumbers use hydro jetting to clear drains. In this, we insert a high-pressure water of around 5000 psi into your drain pipes. This dislodges and pushes all the debris, oil and other junk out of your sewer pipes and into the main sewer pipe line.

When homeowners neglect drains and put off drain cleaning sessions, they often end up with expensive sewer repair. People who schedule regular drain cleaning in their homes are aware of its many benefits. They know regular drain cleaning adds life to their drain pipes. When professionals at AK Lining clean your drains, they do it thoroughly. This will not only reduce the likelihood of an emergency drain problem, but it’s also essential for the health of your drain pipes.

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