Drain Inspection

Drain clogs are a very normal thing in every home. Hair, grease, oil, and pieces of soap get stuck in the drain pipes. When these are trapped inside of your drain pipes, they restrict water flow. Sometimes a simple mixture of baking soda, vinegar, and hot water can be enough to solve the problem. But if the clog keeps coming back, there’s a chance that a big problem might be lurking inside those pipes. We at AK Pipe Lining suggest scheduling a drain inspection.

Did you know drain cleaners often contain harsh chemicals that destroy your drain pipes? And they only fix the problem temporarily! Debris and grease might still be sticking to your drain pipes and causing yet another clog. Frustrating!

Don’t wait for another drain clog. Let's take a look at what’s inside your drains together! Our plumbers can insert a small waterproof camera inside of your drain pipes. These cameras can go inside the smallest drain pipes to show you exactly what's happening on a screen placed right in front of you.

A drain inspection will show you existing and potential issues before they spiral out of control. The wait-and-see approach is a thing of the past! When you can see inside of your drain, you can diagnose the problem on the spot and you don't have to wait for another problem to surface. Plus, you could actually be saving yourself money by nipping any future drain issues in the bud. No one wants to wake up to a flooding basement and have to go looking for an emergency plumbing service.

Using drain inspection cameras, our plumbers at AK Pipe Lining know exactly what the problem is and the best way to fix it. That’s because drain inspection provides the most accurate results. Our plumbers know exactly why your drain keeps clogging, and this is crucial in avoiding (and fixing) plumbing disasters.

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