Hydro Jetting

Drain pipes and sewer line clogging in residential and commercial buildings often occur when particles and solid materials such as debris, sludge, sand, grease, food particles, and so forth, block the sewer line and drains.

They obstruct the free flow of sewage or wastewater, bringing about sewage backup or wastewater spill. Hydro jetting offers an incredible way to clean your sewer line and drains without any need to excavate your yard.

What is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro jetting, often referred to as or high-pressure water jet is an advanced technology whereby water is blasted through the sewer line or drain at very high pressure. The process effectively cleans your piping system and removes sludge, debris, grease, food particles, etc. Hydro jetting can also be used to clean large buildings, houses, driveway, patios, car engine and interior, and a lot of other things.

Benefits of Hydro Jetting

Choosing hydro jetting services for the thorough cleaning of your drains and sewer line has a lot of benefits. Some of which include:

System Flushing

Debris, food particles, sludge, hair, etc., can block your piping system. In hydro jetting, a stream of water is sent to your piping system under high intensity and pressure. This breaks and flushes out the clogs in your piping system blocking the flow of waste water. Hydro jetting completely flush out your system, leaving you with a straight through system, free from clogs.

Emulsify and Penetrate Grease

Do you flush grease, oil from cooking, skin or facial care products down your drain? If you do this often, chances are, your drains will sooner or later get blocked, when the grease or cooking oil solidifies. Hydro jetting service will emulsify and penetrate the grease, and cooking oil blocking your drains.

Cut Hardened Scale

One of the major causes of wastewater spill is hardened scale. Hardened scale prevents the flow of wastewater or sewer. Hydro jetting service helps in cutting out any hardened scale in your sewer line and drain pipes.

Pulverize Roots

Since drains are laid under the earth, roots of trees will probably end up finding their way into the pipes. When they finally succeed, they will obstruct the flow of sewage and wastewater, and also compromise the integrity of your piping system. In fact, they can even cause cracks, leaks, and blockages. Tree roots only leave you with a broken piping system. Hydro jetting service will crush the tree roots, and get rid of them from your drains.

Choose Our Hydro Jetting Services

At AK PipeLining Co., our highly experienced sewer line and drain cleaning professionals will use hydro jetting to get rid of sludge, grease build-up, food particles, mineral deposits, debris, and so forth that mount up in your drains. Our hydro jetting service is guaranteed to provide a fast and effective solution to your clog sewer issues.

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