Our Pipe Lining Process

At AK Pipe Lining, we are proud to offer our sewer line replacement service: a smarter way of getting pipes repaired or replaced without digging up the ground.

How Does it Work?

Our sewer line replacement service uses the latest technology to inspect, replace, or repair our clients’ sewer pipes. An old sewer line usually requires a total overhaul, but this is can be expensive and unnecessary. Instead, our sewer line replacement service can renew your sewer lateral in record time.

The Process

Before replacing or repairing a pipe, we first conduct a sewer inspection using a video camera. We insert the camera into the pipe through an opening to capture what is going on in real-time underneath through a monitor. The results of our observations and investigations will help us decide on the next steps to be taken.

If a crack shows in one or more parts of the pipe, then we definitely need to replace the pipe. If not, then we recommend simply cleaning it to avoid clogging. So what if the pipe has to be replaced? What steps do we take next?

1. After the initial inspection is done and the customer agrees that a pipe replacement is needed, we access the sewer line through an entry point, which is usually where the sewer system starts. Sometimes the entry point can be located in the basement of the house or the front lawn, depending on how the house was built.

2. Next, we use a hydro jetter (think of a professional-grade pressure washer) to clean the inside of the pipe.

3. After the pipe has been cleared of any blockages, debris, or particles that may have built up through time, we then insert a tube containing epoxy resins into the pipe. The epoxy resins will then line the inside of the pipe, creating a second layer of pipe. Basically, a brand new pipe within an old pipe.

Why Is Trenchless Line Replacement Better?

The number one benefit of using our sewer line replacement service is speed: the process is faster. The second benefit are the results: the process works every time. The third benefit is a reduced cost: it will save you money compared to a traditional excavation model.

Compared to old-fashioned dig and replace methods, our trenchless sewer line replacement method is faster and only takes hours instead of days or weeks. We do not use backhoes to dig up the lawn because we simply do not need to.

Why use outdated methods and materials? An epoxy resin lining is smoother than traditional pipes, thus lessening the chances of blockages or clogging. Particles from the drain do not stick to the walls of the new pipe; they are smoothly flushed away into the sewage.

This is a money-saver because there is no need to pay for repairs of damaged landscapes. Our clients often save money by using our services because they do not need to pay for days of unnecessary services when the job can be finished in just a day or a few hours.

Why Choose Us?

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