Sewer Repair

Sewers must be repaired and maintained in order to ensure proper function and a healthy home. Sewers can be damaged by tree root invasion, corrosion, blockages, or cracks. Failing to properly clean sewer pipes can increase the likelihood of these threats to your sewer pipes.

A cracked or broken sewer pipe could be leaking harmful material into your ground and drinking water and you may also experience reduced flow, flooding or pooling, and unpleasant smells. Without a properly functioning sewer system, your home or business can become unlivable.

Sewer repair can be a complicated process, but it has become much simpler with the advent of trenchless sewer repair techniques. Trenchless sewer repair allows technicians to clean, inspect, and line sewer pipes without digging trenches in your yard or on public roads. Instead, they dig one or two access holes that provide complete access to the sewer pipe system. The sewer pipes can then be cleaned and inspected.

Cleaning does the initial work of removing roots, clogs, and corrosion. Cleaned pipes are then lined with an epoxy resin that seals off cracks and corrosion and resists tree roots. The resin coats the entire pipe system and hardens in place. This kind of sewer repair can usually be completed within one day, and allows technicians to avoid any major damage to your property.

Lining your sewer pipes increases flow by giving sewer pipes a smoother surface and prevents any existing damage from spreading or harming pipe functions. The resin coating lasts as long as a regular pipe replacement and extends the life of your existing pipes. Your original pipes are protected and the new coating prevents harmful substances from contaminating your property. With regular pipe lining and maintenance, your sewer pipes will last much longer and you will be less likely to experience a major (and costly) sewer breakdown.

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