Epoxy resin liner is an excellent adhesive that many plumbing companies often use for its incredible strength and versatility following its introduction into the field in the 1980s. Not only is it strong and practical, it also has other advantages that allow it to stand out in the market as a great product.

The Advantages of Epoxy Resin Liner

Epoxy resin liners are notable for having excellent adhesive properties. These properties are activated by the bonds that are formed between the reactive sites of the resin and reactive or polar sites on the surface of the substrate. This allows epoxy resin liners to work as a powerful solution to pipe problems by being attracted to old and corroded piping.

Epoxy resins also have a unique advantage over other adhesives; epoxy resins do not need other chemicals to cure. Unlike other adhesives that require the absence of air or the presence of water to cure, epoxy resins are able to cure independently of outside sources. Not only does this make epoxy resin liner an incredibly versatile product, it also has a multitude of added benefits that make it a great selection for adhesive applications:

  • Epoxy resin liners can cure at room temperature
  • Epoxy resin liners can be applied as the primary adhesive and do not require any mixing
  • Epoxy resin liners help prevent root intrusion and stop sewage leaks
  • Epoxy resin liners are smoother than traditional pipes, improving the water flow in pipes and preventing calcification deposits from building up
  • The life expectancy of epoxy resin liners is incredibly long, lasting over 50 years while fortifying the structural strength pipes

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Epoxy resin liners are strong tools that will allow you to fix your pipes at an affordable price, and without the added costs of digging and landscape repair. This adhesive has a proven track record of long-lasting, stress-free results.

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