Once we hear the flush of a toilet we assume that we will never have to see or deal with its contents again.  Unfortunately, some of us may have to when we are faced with a leak in our sewer pipes.  It can be an absolute nightmare dealing with the process of getting pipes repaired but it is a reality we’ll need to face in the event of a leak or a burst.  

Leaving pipes damaged and cracked can result in major pollutants from sewer and stale water including mold and bacteria, which can be quite harmful to our health and to the environment as well. It is optimal to have them fixed as soon as possible.  Aside from these factors, we all want our sewers systems to work effectively and efficiently and dread the thought of being inconvenienced by drawn-out repair times which can often mean having to rehome ourselves and our families until the work is completed.

Choosing trenchless sewer replacement means that all destruction, interference, and nasty smells are a thing of the past!  This technology has major benefits for us, our neighbors and community, the earth, and more importantly your wallet.

There is no digging or excavation required as all the repairs are accessed through existing points (ie. Sewer drains, washouts) so the work can be completed conveniently and discreetly.  Whether a pipe needs to be cleaned, repaired, or replaced it can be accomplished through three basic steps which include checking for the problem using a camera, cleaning and ridding the pipe of debris and build-up, and then installing a liner.

Better than Traditional Plumbing

Traditional sewer pipe repair and replacement can involve days, even weeks, of digging in which access is limited or even denied to our homes.  Having no choice but to stay with friends, family, or in a hotel for an unmarked amount of time can cause us both mental and financial stress.

Not only is your property a visual mess, it is also not pleasant on the nose for the duration of the work–and we can imagine why.  Trenchless sewer replacement eliminates the need to relocate and can ensure that we aren’t sipping our morning coffee or hosting a family barbecue while wearing nose-plugs.

Vertical Piping

The liner technology can also be applied to vertical pipes which are usually located in larger buildings and commercial properties.  Repairing and replacing vertical pipes can be just as daunting when we are dealing with buildings that have a great number of tenants.  By using similar techniques as mentioned above the pipes can be fixed without disturbance to the entire building at once and therefore keeping us satisfied and able to carry on about our day.

Trenchless sewer replacement is undeniably the path to take when we are dealing with a pipe emergency!  It will help us save money, keep Mother Earth smiling, and give us the peace of mind that our pipes will be as good as new for at least 50 years.  We all do our “business” as tactful as possible and with trenchless sewer replacement any repairs will be the same.