Blocked sewer pipes are a problem no one thinks about before they happen. But, even when facing a crisis, you should refrain from rash decisions and consider the best option for you. The technology of repairing and unclogging broken or blocked sewer pipes has advanced to the point that now it is not only possible to clean and unblock your pipes entirely, but it is also possible to repair any holes without digging trenches and destroying your yard.

In general, sewer pipes are made to last about forty years. But during that time, you are expected to clean and maintain them from time to time. When we talk about common usage of your home sewers system, clogging is usually caused by grease, hair, or some other debris that got stuck inside the pipes and, over time, grabbed more junk, slowing your water flow until eventually it blocks it completely.

Traditional methods of plumbing use risky methods of flushing and applying various dangerous chemicals into the pipes in question, or most likely digging and searching for the clogged or broken part of the pipe.

AK Pipe Lining uses the newest solutions to these common but very difficult problems. We specialize in cleaning and lining services for all kinds of pipes and sewer systems.

But what makes this new method so appealing is that it can, first of all, assess your precise problem within the pipes using something called a sewer camera inspection, where a special waterproof micro camera is inserted into your pipes to give the technicians a real-time live feed of the problem.

If your pipes are merely clogged then we apply the hydro jetting sewer cleaning method. If the pipes are broken, a sewer lining method is applied. All of these options are done without any digging, leaving no messy trenches or piles of dirt in your yard, no wall damage, and certainly no long waiting time.

How Hydro-Jetting Works

Our technicians will use extremely high water pressure of 500 psi (pound-force per square inch) applied from inside the pipe itself. This kind of power clears out everything like grease, hair, and all other debris, no matter how well it got stuck in the pipes. All the debris is then flushed out through the standard system exit.

This kind of water power is strong and can easily deal with:

  • Grease
  • Scales
  • Roots (yes, it is possible to crush tree roots that penetrate your pipes and fix up the holes)

But the main benefit of using this new system is how little time it takes to get your pipes back up and running. On top of that, the repair won’t require any digging or wall breaking because it is completed by using your standard pipe access from your home.

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