Pipe problems can be caused by anything from clogs to leaks or even a burst pipe. Running toilets are a common plumbing issue, but why are they so important to fix promptly?

First, stay calm, grab towels, and clean up.

Having a running toilet is gross, no doubt. Nobody likes dealing with wastewater. Get some towels, mop it up the best you can, and evaluate the toilet. Is water coming from the base, around the seal? Is water coming out of the bowl of the toilet? Is water coming from the tank of the toilet?

Each of these distinguishes a different problem and a resulting action. Most often, you’ll have a clog in your pipes; something is blocking the natural downstream course of wastewater, which means someone needs to come out, inspect your pipes, and clean them out for you. If it’s not a clog, it could be a sign of something much more serious.

How do I fix a running toilet?

First rule, do not try to fix it yourself Plumbing is one of the systems related to the full functionality of your home, and unless you’re equipped with know-how, don’t try it. 

There are several ways a professional pipe repair technician may go about fixing a clog in your pipe. A preliminary video inspection will generally need to be done. It provides professionals with a better understanding of what’s going on and most providers offer it at a relatively low cost. After a video inspection identifies the root of the problem, the proper solution can be applied. This can be done using hydro jetting, the use of pressurized water to clean pipe, or through other means as appropriate. They will use an already established access point to enter your pipes. After your pipes are clean, evaluate if any further repairs need to be done on the pipes.

If for any reason there is a serious problem with your pipe system, it may be time to consider pipe lining as the solution. Pipe lining uses an inflatable bladder covered in a plastic resin to coat the insides of your pipes, creating a “pipe within a pipe”. The resin will close your pipes leaving about a quarter of an inch of thickness within the old pipe, sealing it without interfering with wastewater removal.

I live in the Tri-State area. Where can I find a trenchless plumbing company?

We are proud to service Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Eastern Ohio, so we’ve got your area covered. We offer trenchless pipe lining and repair, drain cleaning, sewer camera inspection, and hydro jetting services, covering all that you need to keep your pipes clean. Call to schedule an appointment with AK Pipe Lining today.