Going to a physician’s office, do you trust the one who diagnoses by virtue of mere observation, or the one who inspects your body in search of the root causes? Now, if your sewer system is sick, what type of contractor would you trust: the one who makes an educated guess, or the one who uses video pipe inspection to see, actually see what’s gone wrong down there?

There’s a lot that could go awry with your pipes, but most of the sewer’s interior problems can be prevented with a simple size up.

No Inch Left Unchecked

As far as plumbing technology goes, visual sewer inspection is a fairly recent development. It consists of driving a waterproof, state-of-the-art flexible-rod camera inside the sewer bowels for assessing their interior condition. The video is then transmitted, offering our skilled technicians both the real time inside look and a permanent visual record.

The visual pipe analysis is able to identify virtually any interior problem, from the corroded or misaligned pipes all the way up to tree root intrusion. Cameras can easily recognize any blockage or drainage issue, but it is just as well used post-service to inspect if a job is indeed well done. Our cameras will be your eyes throughout the pipe repair process, from the initial diagnosis to the final check-up.

When Is the Best Time for a Sewer Camera Inspection?

Any pipeline misbehavior can be a cause for concern; even the slightest cough or hiccup in your pipes might suggest that something might be wrong down there. We highlight some of the instances where AK Pipe Lining camerawork comes in handy:

  • Maintenance: hardly a secret, pipes last longer if regularly checked for issues. We recommend you do the check-up once or twice every other year, depending on the system’s age.
  • Avoiding potential problems: buying a new property, few people decide to have a peek into the potential home’s piping. But if the system is old or inadequately put in place, it may later result in thousands of dollars worth of repair.
  • Redoing your place: the flashy new bathroom sure looks great, but can the old sewer line handle the added amount of waste flow? Video pipe inspection should give you the answer.
  • Salvage missing items: jewelry or any other items close to our hearts occasionally do slip down the sink or toilet. But there’s still hope, our cameras can locate these and help their recovery.

Visual Pipe Inspection Main Drawcards

The video inspection benefit that stands out most is reliability. AJ Pipe Lining’s high-resolution cameras can reach points no human eyes have ever travelled to and figure the very root of your plumbing problems. It does so seamlessly, too, because our video inspection does not require digging and is no nuisance in your neighborhood. We’ll be in and out in no time! Both of these benefits amount to a more cost-efficient and time-saving process, by helping prevent potentially disastrous pipe damage.

As a wrap-up, think of a sewer video inspection as of a helpful dentist visit; even if no symptoms are visible, who knows what might be gurgling down there in a murky sewer line. Give us a call, and we’ll throw some light on it!